Rhythmic Force Percussion provides exciting entertainment for any special event you may have from office parties to New Years extravaganzas.

At Rhythmic Force, we pride ourselves on our musicality, creativity, energy, and class.

Our select group of musicians create an atmosphere of fun, energetic, execellence that is sure to fire up any crowd we encounter. Are you welcoming home a solider from over seas? Or maybe you have an arena full of fans who need to get pumped up for the big game! Or maybe you have a roof top party that just needs that certain "Umff" to get things rolling. If that's the case, then Rhythmic Force is your go to Drum Line to make sure your expectations are met and surpassed! 

No venue is too big or too small! We have the musicians to fill anything from a tiny backyard to football stadium and everything in between. 

Rhythmic Force has already performed at Corporate/ Office Events, Office Events, large and small Sporting Events, and multiple local community events from parades to community fundraising events. 

Here at RF we have a vast repertoire of music from drum cadences and street beats to full out show concepts like Stomp. Our understanding of the art of drumming allows us to cover all genres from funk and rock to jazz and even international rhythms. This allows us to be very flexible and versatile with any and all events we are called to perform at. 

For Prices more information or to book Rhythmic Force please contact us at info@rhythmicforce.org

Ensemble Sizes

Larger (Full):
7 Snares
5 Bass
4 Tenors
4 Cymbals
4 Snares
3-4 Bass
2 Tenors
2 Cymbals
2 Snares
1-2 Bass
1-2 Tenors
1-2 Cymbals