This season RF staff and members will be traveling to over 2,000 miles performing for numerous groups of upcoming musicians as well as performances for the Ronald McDonald Club House. Our members and staff will put forth over 700 hours of rehearsal time in this season aside from their "regular" lives of being students, teachers, and other professions. 

Your generosity is greatly appreciated as it helps our season to run more smoothly. By donating today, you will help to provide quality equipment and up keep as well as fuel and rent money for our trucks, uniforms, floor, sticks, food and other expenses that would otherwise rely on the dues of our members. This  allows us to continue focusing on the experience of our performers. 100% of every donation will be used to enhance the education and development of the members of our performing ensembles. We appreciate any and all support, and speak from the entire Rhythmic Force family, past and present, when we say - Thank You!