During the 2017 season, Rhythmic Force Percussion will not be a competitive ensemble in efforts to perform at different events in and around the Austin, TX area.  This season we will focus our efforts to fund raise to purchase equipment for the 2018 competitive season.

A casting call will take place in January for individuals wanting to join.  Members will continue to receive a great education for our experienced staff.

Before attending any of our audition camps, please fill out the following forms and hand in when you arrive. Thank you! (These are in .pdf format)

Students interested in auditioning for our program must meet the following criteria.

2017 Season

1) Prospect must currently be involved in EITHER
      A) band in school
      B) taking drum lessons from EITHER
          - one of our staff members
          - instructor not affiliated with Rhythmic Force (student/parent(s) must provide contact  information  

            about instructor)
      C) If in college, prospect must have experience performing with a percussion ensemble in high school

          or independent indoor program

2) Prospect must be between the ages of 14 - 22 years-old.

3) Enrollment Fees for the 2017 season will be $150 per individual
     A) Fee covers:  Member T-Shirt, stick/mallet & head purchases, and up-keep of equipment. 

     B) Fee Due Dates:
           - First and only payment due:

Thank you for expressing interest in joining Rhythmic Force.  We look forward to meeting you all.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone.

If you are interesed in joing Rhythmic Force for the 2017 Indoor Season, please fill out the following registration form.

Registration Form