Our mission is to create a highly competitive and innovative ensemble with a hard focus on the growth and development of our members. Our membership age ranges from 14 - 22 years-old from high school and universities in and around the Austin area. With the wide variety of talented individuals in the group, we aim to create a positive atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork with the individuals of Rhythmic Force. More importantly, Rhythmic Force hopes to create tomorrow's community leaders by showing our young students what they can accomplish with the power of hard work, discipline and a positive attitude.



Rhythmic Force Percussion
c/o Roberto Monroy
P.O. Box 660044
Austin, TX 78766

PHONE: 512.673.8148


Why is Rhythmic Force taking a year off from competition?

Rhythmic Force will not be competing in the 2017 in efforts to perform at paid events in and around the Austin, Texas area.  Funds will be put forward to purchase new equipment for the 2018 indoor season.

Will RF be travling to WGI Championships in Dayton Ohio in 2018?


What is expected of percussionist for the 2017 entertainment group?

Casting call for performers will take place in January.  Percussionist must have experience with reading music.  Our entertainment group will work with our staff to enhance performance value while playing.

Do we stay at the rehearsal location over night for drum camps and rehearsals?

Not during the 2017 season.

What kind of time commitment am I looking at?

RF will be meeting on Saturday's and possibly during the evening during the week.

How long is the 2017 Entertainment Season?

The 2017 season will begin in early January with a casting call and end in June.  Season will be a bit longer than usual to ensure all events are performed for that Rhythmic Force has been asked to perform at.

How do I explain this program to my parents?

Rhythmic Force is an opportunity for young musicians in and around the
Austin,TX area to meet and work with other students that are driven to push their
musical experience and boundaries beyond what is offered in most conventional
high school music programs.

Will my child be safe?

Absolutely! All members will be supervised by our staff and will have strict rules
and regulations to stand by. 


Thank you for empowering our group to be Elite.